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Funded and unfunded projects

Funded Fedora-based projects that complete the summer program are splitting a pool of US$10,000. Funded projects that complete the summer program are splitting a pool of US$5,000.

If any student withdraws from the program or does not complete the project (mentors' decision), their funding portion is returned to the pool to be split amongst the remaining students.

There are currently 10 projects in the Fedora funding pool, and 1 projects in the funding pool. The Summer Coding 2010 proposal - Kde usability inspector proposal is being funded out of money that can only be used for students from a few universities in the Brno area. Due to this, the project does not draw from the general Fedora pool nor does the money from it come back to the Fedora pool should the project not be completed.

About unfunding

We are experimenting with formally recognizing unfunded projects. It's not uncommon for students to be so passionate about an idea that they are interested in working on even if their proposal wasn't selected for funding. We are going to recognize a few projects where the students and mentors are or may be willing to work without pay on the project this summer.

These projects are clearly worth supporting, but we don't have enough budget to support every good and worthy proposal. These are interesting proposals from thoughtful, passionate students. We want to give these projects a chance.

Therefore, the ONLY difference between the funded and unfunded projects is the funding. Otherwise, the students who work on unfunded projects and complete the program are recognized as "graduating" Fedora Summer Coding 2010. Both types of student projects that are completed receive certification as having completed, all the same benefits and privileges in the community as a contributor, and a program t-shirt to wear with honor.

Five and ten years from now, it's not going to matter who got funded, it's going to matter who completed their project and went on to make a further impact in free and open source software.

All the selected students should be proud. We wish we could have funded all of the worthy projects!