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About Me
  1. My name is Matt Mooney
  2. My email address is
  3. My wiki username is mfm
  4. My IRC nickname is _mfm_
  5. My wiki page is
  6. My primary language is English
  7. Location, and what hours tend to work: California, USA. 13:00-3:00 GMT-7
  8. I am a developer coding mainly in c/c++, of course I can do scripting too. I tend to spend my time studying operating systems, namely, the Linux Kernel. I have a few trivial patches in the kernel already, with a couple more in Andrew Morton's tree awaiting the merge window. Recently I made significant documentation changes to one of the kbuild docs, which should also be in the next merge. I also have attempted to fix a few bugs in other projects that I have experienced; however, after downloading the repository and checking the log, I have so far been a few days or weeks too late.

I am an open source enthusiast and would love to contribute to more projects. Fedora is one of the distributions I use, and is currently the distribution I install on all of my non-technical friends systems to get them to switch to open source.

About the Project

CHASM, the Cryptographic-Hash-Algorithm-Secured Mirroring solution. The idea is mentor suggested [1].


I would be responsible for the implementation of an application-level protocol designed by the project creators, along with any insight I could provide. The new protocol will facilitate the efficient communication between all nodes in the system and provide a specification for node interaction. Along with the implementation of the network protocol, extensive documentation will be of primary concern.



Community Benefit

1. Q: If your project is successfully completed, what will its impact be on the Fedora community?

Ben Boeckel (mentor):
Hopefully it will make the mirrors more reliable (I know that I get 404s every now and then when the mirrors are in the middle of a sync). Also, it will decrease the time it takes updates to be pushed out to mirrors; currently it takes 15 minutes to do a simple check if there is anything to do. Mirrors will also be able to verify that they have correct information (hash checking is currently discouraged for Fedora right now). What users/developers will see is faster propagation of updates across servers. [And] sysadmins will have better performance since we don't thrash the disk cache when doing a check for updates (should also help with disk lifespan).

2. If I were to get stuck and the mentors we not around, I would first ask the fedora-summer-coding mailing list or IRC, if that did not solve my problem, I would pose my question to a mailing list that is of the same domain as the question. Of course, this is only after I use all of my own resources to solve the problem, but I guess if I was stuck that would mean I already did.

3. I will ask the mentors to create a mailing list for the project so that any interested parties may subscribe.


    • I am somewhat of a command line junkie so I do not foresee this as being an issue.
    • I have met both of the project mentors, Robert and Ben, through IRC, where we discussed the project in greater detail.
  1. X-Large
  2. One of my great learning experiences from my childhood was playing music. I started to play the piano around the age of 5 and continued for about 4 years (I did go on to play the drums in elementary school and one year in junior high). Playing the piano was something I really enjoyed and, I feel, benefited from throughout my scholastic career. To this day it is still one of my favorite instruments to listen to.
  3. Not really, but I do always find it interesting to find out a person's favorite open source project. I guess I will not say mine as it might start a flame war.