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Proposal deadline is passed. This page is locked.
Do not change any details on this page. If must change something, talk with the project mentor first.

About me

  • name: Michal Luscon
  • email: dizieg(at)
  • username: dizie
  • IRC nickname: dizie
  • primary language: Slovak/Czech
  • location: Czech Republic
  • About my project

  • Project name: KUI
  • Kui will be practical part of bachelors thesis about application usability.
  • Project comes from Summer_Coding_2010_ideas_-_KDE_Usablity_tool.
  • The main idea of KUI project is recording and storing all relevant informations about users behaviour in third Qt applications. Mouse trajectories, usage of buttons and menus would be very helpful for designing users interfaces in Fedora. Next part of project consists of stored data visualization mainly creating videos, graphs and bitmaps.
  • In FSOC program I will realize simple console tool for recording desktop or single application and QtGUI for this tool.
  • KUI also will be used by "System Config Tools cleanup" project.
  • Timeline

    • 4.6-18.6: School examinations
    • 19.6-22.6: Studying of recording libraries
    • 23.6 - Start coding console part
    • 14.7 - Console part is complite
    • 15.7 - Start coding Gui part
    • 29.7 - Gui part is complite
    • 30.7-9.8 - Bughunting


    • Can you set up an appropriate development environment?
    • Of course I can.
    • Have you met your proposed mentor and members of the associated community?
    • Yes, I had meeting with JaroslavReznik.
    • What is your t-shirt size?
    • M


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