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About Me

  1. My name is Andrey Prokhorenkov
  2. My email address is
  3. My wiki username is m0nhawk
  4. My IRC nickname is m0nhawk
  5. My wiki page is
  6. My primary language is Russian, Ukrainian, English
  7. Location, and what hours tend to work: Kiev, Ukraine. 14:00 to 24:00 GMT+2

About my project

  1. What is the name of your project? Kronikarz
  2. The project is from Summer Coding 2010 ideasSummer Coding 2010 ideas - Kronikarz - shortinfo
  3. The idea is to develop a simple tool to archive settings and possibility to reuse this settings on any distro.
  4. Timeline
    • week 1 — matching of technical tasks, determination of participant's roles
    • week 2 - week 4 — realization of backend with backup / restore functional
    • week 5 - week 7 — realization of frontend of basic GUI-application (draft)
    • week 8 — realization of frontend of service/daemon (draft)
    • week 9 - week 10 — debugging
    • week 11 — final testing, creation of rpm-package.

Me and the community

  1. If your project is successfully completed, what will its impact be on the Fedora community?
    • The possibility to users transfer their configs from other distros into Fedora without extra steps.
  2. What will you do if you get stuck on your project and your mentor isn't around?
    • Continue to work according to plan.
  3. In addition to the required blogging minimum of twice per week, how do you propose to keep the community informed of your progress and any problems or questions you might have over the course of the project?


  1. We want to make sure that you are prepared before the project starts
    • Can you set up an appropriate development environment?
    • Have you met your proposed mentor and members of the associated community?
  2. What is your t-shirt size?
  3. Describe a great learning experience you had as a child.
  4. Is there anything else we should have asked you or anything else that we should know that might make us like you or your project more?


Use the Talk:Summer Coding 2010 student proposal application to actually make comment, which then appear here on the main proposal page. You can use this link to make a new comment].

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