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  1. Learn about the program
    Review the Summer Coding 2010 pages, look at the Summer Coding 2010 student application and make sure this program is right for you.
  2. Find a project idea
    You can propose your own idea, or look for inspiration among ideas posted by mentors on the Summer coding ideas for 2010 page.
  3. Start communicating
    Begin communicating with the community. Other members of the community can help you refine your idea, and you may meet potential mentors. You should contact sub-projects within the community that can provide mentors for your project idea, and you should join the discussion group.
  4. Set up an account
    If you do not already have in account in the Fedora Account System, create one.
  5. Draft your application and proposal
    Copying the Summer Coding 2010 student application, create a new page:
    Summer Coding 2010 proposal - Name of proposal
    Replace "Name of proposal" with a short name for your proposal. Fill in the page with the details of your proposal.
    • To create the page, type the new page name in the search box (left), hit "Go", then "create this page".
    • Include the following line at the bottom of your new page:
    [[Category:Summer Coding 2010 applications]]
  6. Keep communicating
    We cannot overstress the importance of communication. Keep talking, and listening, to the discussion group, to the sub-projects relevant to your proposal and to potential mentors. Be patient, as mentors and other contributors are often very busy people.