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About me

  1. Name: Paul Lange
  2. E-Mail:
  3. wiki username: palango
  4. irc nickname: palango
  5. primary language: German
  6. Germany (GMT +1), working from 8pm till 12pm
  7. Open-source experience:
    • I already worked on creating packages for Fedora. I started in the Fonts SIG and then switched to the Mono SIG, however still maintaining fonts.
    • I created some patches for the Banshee Media Player. This was mostly about creating a plugin which imports the song database from Rhythmbox music player (1, 2).

About my project

  1. Improve shotwells slideshow mode
  2. I would like to improve the slideshow mode of shotwell - the new standard photo managment application of Fedora. See the idea and the discussion on the shotwell-mailinglist: 1, 2