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Other ideas that were incomplete or worth considering are found at Summer coding ideas for 2008.

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Summary of idea:




Project name

Status: Proposed

Summary of idea: Various ideas related to Cobbler :

Contacts: MichaelDeHaan

Mentor(s): MichaelDeHaan

Notes: The cobbler project is a Linux (and soon to be other OS) installation server with numerous datacenter automation features. Possible ideas for GSOC include web app workflow improvements, or a collection of many numerous RFEs in Fedora Hosted's Trac instance ( Students should also have their own original ideas and an interest in datacenter automation -- folks doing admin work for their college and interested in using cobbler are ideal. We are interested in folks that (A) can show they understand the goals of the project and understand it's present features (as to not reinvent things it already does or are out of scope), (B) have new ideas of their own, and (C) are interested in the domain of datacenter automation, virtualization, or constructing SkyNet. Some knowledge of Python, Perl, Ruby, or a similar language is required. Cobbler is all Python so if you're a Python hacker, we'd be especially glad to have you. If you'd like to contact me to refine your ideas prior to submitting, that's great, please do so. (mdehaan AT redhat DOT com)


Status: Proposed

Summary of idea: An simple HTTP proxy which caches a given class of files to disk, with the goal of making it trivial for Fedora users to create a mirror of Fedora packages for their local network.

Warren is currently writing specifictions for public release for the next generation of this idea that will be incredibly awesome. It aims to solve the original problems that InstantMirror tried and failed to address.

Contacts: WarrenTogami

Mentor(s): Markmc, WarrenTogami


An idea proposed by WarrenTogami in the past, for more details see e.g.:

Packages End User UI

Status: Proposed

Summary of idea: A User Interface to the PackageDB for end users to find and review packages

Contacts: Toshio Kuratomi

Mentor(s): Toshio Kuratomi

Notes: This idea has already been taken up and a more detailed proposal worked on by maploin. Details here:

Robotics LiveCD with Simulator Environment

Status: Proposed

Summary of idea: Create a LiveCD that provides a simulation environment and tools to start robotics experiments.

Contacts: Tim Niemueller

Mentor(s): Don't know, would like to be the student

Notes: I would like to integrate the robot software that I've developed at university (and that is going to be released to the public real soon now as GPL'ed OSS) into Fedora, then integrate the Gazebo/Stage simulators properly into Fedora and the software and provide a simple development playground that one can use to make the robots move in the simulation and solve tasks. Maybe a simple task-based game (get the robot to pick the can and bring it to the place marked with X) could come out of it. My diploma/master thesis (that I'm finishing atm) is about efficient and simple behavior control employing Lua, so this would be a really good fit. This project would be embedded into the Fedora Robotics SIG.