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{{Admon/tip | If a students is willing to suggest an idea he/she can use this page instead of the main ideas page.}}
{{Admon/tip | Please add your contact details so that others can find you. If you are a existing fedora contributor please add your FAS username as well ! }}
The main GSoC 2012 idea page can be found at []. Once an idea is accepted by a mentor, the idea will be moved on to the main idea page.
=Draft of an idea=
Please add your idea as follows under the categories. Make sure your idea is comprehensive and self describing every important thing.
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''Summary of idea:''
= Categories =
= Categories =
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'''End User Application For Fedora-Video Project'''
'''End User Application For Fedora-Video Project'''
Fedora Video [[]]
[ Fedora-Videos]
Status: Proposed
Status: Proposed
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and many more can be added .
and many more can be added .
Contacts:Nitesh Narayan Lal [[]]
Contacts:[ Nitesh Narayan Lal ]
Mentor :
Mentor :

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Applications for desktop end users

End User Application For Fedora-Video Project


Status: Proposed

Summary of idea: The main of this idea is to develop an application which reduces the work of a user who wants to create or submit a video . Right now we already have tools for recording etc. But what is expected from this application is to have all features in one application with an easy to use interface . Some of the features like : Desktop recording Easy Screen Cast Making Adding Subtitles ( generating the requried file which can be uploaded for translation purpose ) Easy Uploading feature to specified location and many more can be added .

Contacts:Nitesh Narayan Lal Mentor :

Gesture + Mouse Desktop Navigation feature

Status: Proposed

Summary of idea: Mouse has been the main navigation tool for us for decades. In my idea I propose to include simple hand gestures as complementary to mouse actions. For example in the file browser forward or backward action can be easily replaced by simply swiping hand left or right. This would be an experimental feature

How it will be implemented - Image processing for hand gestures will be done by skin threshold using OpenCV - The program will act as a service running in background - Back,Forward and deletion can be easily implemented using gestures.

Contacts: me(Sunnyguha) [[1]]

Mentor: looking for a mentor. Need a bit of help of integration of OpenCV back-end with Fedora


Applications for programmers

Infrastructure for Fedora contributors and users

Linux system services

Improving Fedora packaging

Status: Proposed

Summary of idea: The idea is to make an AUR clone for Fedora where users can submit buildfiles, which need to be hosted. These set of files can compile packages on the user side, and installed locally.

The benefit of this method is:

  1. No need to host the entire packages (saving space on servers hosting the RPMs)
  2. Make changes to the buildfile, and not compile the package
  3. Can pull sources from any version control system/stored tarballs to make a very upto-date package. (See blog entry for an example)

Contacts: Anuj More

Notes: Need mentor. Need advice on feasibility of the software and issues that can arise. Also, read the extensive blog post on my blog.

Analogy: This is a lot like "having your own library" vs "getting a book from a bookstore". If you refer a book often, you'd keep it in your library. This would occupy space and consume resources. Otherwise, you'd just pull out a separate paper with instructions about the bookstore to find the book, and fetch the book from the store. Though the first method is hassle-free, it is not possible to have all the books in the world with you.

Artificial Intelligence Based SELinux security Protocol for Fedora Project


Summary of idea: I proposed a security project. In which SELinux is always active but act upon the Artificial Intelligence enhanced data for its operation and implementation. SELinux covers access control mechanism. So it will automatically change its implemntation as per the user usage of the machine. like a user uses VoIP then the SELinux limits only the VoIP send and recieve ports . Rest of the access is blocked or limited and when user switches to FTP server or any other application, It also shift its implementation.


Notes: Need Mentors and assistance to furnish my project.

Fedora Spins and remixes

Fedora On-Demand Build Service

Status: Proposed

Summary of idea: The idea is to make an on-demand Web-based build service (similar to Open Suse Build Service and Slax) which users/developers can use to make custom Fedora based distributions. The service should also also have a REST API (or similar).

Contacts: Amit Saha

Notes: Is anyone interested to discuss this and willing to mentor me? (Is there any existing effort attempting to do this? Any cons? )