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This page is a placeholder only, but you can start adding ideas. Please follow the mentioned template below and try to make it comprehensive and self explanatory.

Find an idea you like? Want to propose your own? See the Getting Started Guide with GSoC:

You may be interested in ideas from 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008.

Further, last year accepted ideas from the Fedora Project can be found at GSoC 2011 web site

Students Welcome

If you are a student looking forward to participate the GSoC 2012 with Fedora, please feel free to browse the idea list which is still growing. Do not hesitate to contact the mentors/ contributors as indicated in this page for any related clarification. If you are new to The Fedora project, following material would help you to get started. Further please sign-up with the Fedora Account System(FAS) if you are willing to continue with the Fedora project. #fedora-devel, IRC channel can be used to get instant support.

  1. The Foundation
  2. Fedora Documentation (Users/ Contributors)
  3. How to work with IRC?
  4. Fedora Account System
  5. Development

Supporting Mentors

Following contributors are also willing to support the GSoC 2013 program. (please feel free to add your self, attach the user page). Sometimes there should be some backing up mentors to mentor if the original mentor get busy with something for a short time period. In such case we need help.

Draft of an idea

Please add your idea as follows.

Project name


Summary of idea:

Final Deliverable:

Knowledge prerequisite:

Skill level:




!!!The draft was changed slightly, please add required field as required!!!

Idea list for GSoC 2013

Applications for desktop end users

Applications for programmers

Linux kernel project

Infrastructure for Fedora contributors and users

Linux system services

Improving Fedora packaging

Fedora Spins and remixes

Applications for systems administrators

Applications for Testers