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Supervisor - SOP

Contact Information

Owner: Fedora Infrastructure

Contact: #fedora-admin, sysadmin-web group

Persons: lmacken, abadger199, ricky, mmcgrath

Location: Phoenix Colo

Servers: app[1-4] , releng1, publictest1

Purpose: We use supervisor to control all of our !TurboGears apps. (Almost all of our in-house web applications)


Supervisor is a service that supplements the normal !SystemVinit on a machine. It is configured via a config file /etc/supervisord.conf which is managed by puppet. The config file contains an entry for each service that it is in charge of starting. Supervisor handles starting the services at bootup and also respawning in case of errors. People can connect to the supervisor process via the supervisorctl command to manage services even if they don't have root on the box.

Supervisorctl Commands

supervisorctl status
supervisorctl tail -f [SERVICE NAME] 
supervisorctl restart [SERVICE NAME] 

Troubleshooting and Resolution