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Supported Power PCs

This wiki page aims to be a current list of the supported PowerPC hardware out there. Please feel free to add to it, your experiences of what kind of good support Fedora has on the PowerPC platform.

Page last updated, with Fedora release: Unofficial Fedora Core 4 Updates 2005-09-27

This is a release made from Fedora Core 4 with the current errata and a few installer fixes backported from rawhide to allow installation on the Pegasos, and fix some bugs with installation on Mac and pSeries hardware. It's available from and also has CD images in the iso subdirectory.

Updated FC4 DISC 1

Updated FC4 DISC 2

Updated FC4 DISC 3

Updated FC4 DISC 4

Updated FC4 DISC 5

ODW/Pegasos Hardware

We have got Fedora Core 4 running perfectly on ODW Pegasos hardware. It has a PowerPC G4 processor - read more about the Open Desktop Workstation .

To install the above-mentioned release, see the README.Pegasos file in the installation directory.

Apple hardware

New World Mac (iBook, PowerBook, iMac, eMac)

These should work fine. If you have problems with partitioning, use the updated release above instead of the original FC4 release.

64-bit Mac (G5, iMacG5)

These should also be fine, as above.

Old World Mac

These aren't officially supported, although if you can persuade them to boot they probably ought to work.

IBM hardware

32-bit CHRP

In the updated FC4 release linked from above, this should work.


The original FC4 release will fail to open an HVC console, but will work with 16550 console. The updated FC4 release above should work on all pSeries hardware.

Legacy iSeries

Probably ought to work. Not recently tested.

What doesn't work

  • Airport Extreme - this has a Broadcom chipset, and probably will never work. So iBook G4's, newer Powerbook's, and Mac mini's will need to have another option for wifi.


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