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Swag by Country

In order to centralize the swag delivering, Latam has decided to approach the Fudcon event to use it as a central point to deliver swag to all the Latin American countries, so has been created a table intended to be filled with the needed quantities for each country.

Please if your country has not been added, please add it and fill the needed quantities.

Once filled this table, we will create a ticket to process it before Fudcon.

Note: Please fill the cell responsible with the intended person whom will be responsible in each country to delivering to all the cities

T-shirts Buttons Stickers CD/DVD Posters Handouts USB Responsible
Brazil 100 100 100 1000 1 200 100 itamarjp
Peru 100 500 100 200 1 200 100 Bernardo Hermitaño
Panama 30 50 30 100 1 200 50 José Reyes
El Salvador
Venezuela 50 50 150 10 1 50 100 Edwind Contreras y María Leandro