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Fedora Ambassadors - Vendor List

What is the Fedora Ambassador Vendor List?

Fedora Ambassadors often need larger amounts of T-Shirts, stickers, pens, etc. to sell or give away at events. Fedora Ambassadors are often asked to source this locally to save on shipping costs. This list is a way to help Ambassadors find a vendor near them who has worked with other Fedora Ambassadors to provide Fedora materials for events. This will make the experience of sourcing materials for a local event easier for the new Ambassador.

Who should be added to this list?

Vendors that have provided Fedora Ambassadors swag in the past should be added to this list. In order to help ease the ordering process for other Ambassadors it would help to let the vendor know that other Ambassadors may make similar orders from them in the future. Providing logos to the vendor that they can keep in-house will go even further to make future orders easier. Only vendors that provide items in bulk should be added to the list.

Vendor List

Please follow similar format when adding a vendor.

Fedora Ambassadors - Vendor List
North America
Distributor Name
Location 40 Charles Ave
NY 14623
Phone Number 585-527-0448
Email Address
Web Site
Region Served United States and world wide
Merchandise Available Custom printed and custom burned CD/DVD media
Lead Time Needed One Week preferred but can produce faster
Distributor Name Screen Printed Products
Location 2029 Woodbridge Blvd
Bowling Green
OH 43402
Phone Number 1-866-777-1535
Email Address
Web Site
Region Served United States
Merchandise Available T-Shirts, Stickers, etc.
Lead Time Needed Two Weeks for most items
Distributor Name BJ's Logo Shop
Location 115 Anawan Street
Fall River
MA 02721
Phone Number 1-800-282-7239
Email Address
Web Site
Region Served United States
Merchandise Available Screenprinted and embroidered clothing
Lead Time Needed 2-3 weeks or less
Distributor Name SantafeTex
Location Waldstrasse 108
D - 67157 Wachenheim
Phone Number +49 06322 62393
Fax Number +49 06322 64908
Email Address Request webform
Web Site
Region Served Germany (but I guess Europe, too)
Merchandise Available T-Shirts, pullovers, bags, etc.
Lead Time Needed JoergSimon knows more
Ordered items Ambassador Polo shirts
Distributor Name Copia Sprint 2
Location via Lodino 52
26900 - Lodi (LO)
Phone Number +39 0371 422857
Fax Number +39 0371 428887
Email Address info (at)
Web Site
Region Served Italy
Merchandise Available Posters and printed stuff
Lead Time Needed 2-3 days
Ordered items Fedora posters