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This is to help document the process to get SweetHome3D, 3D home design software into Fedora.

Bundled packages already in Fedora

Fedora package bundled version notes
batik 1.7
gnu-regexp 1.1.0 used only for build
iText 2.1.7
jdepend 2.9 used only for build
jdom 1.1.1 used only for build
jogl ?
vecmath 1.5.2

Bundled packages which should be fine to put in Fedora

Fedora package Upstream Version in SweetHome3D Review Request/Status
abbot 1.0.2
FreeHEP VectorGraphics 2.1.1b (modified) some freehep SRPMs are available here for testing: -- let's submit these for review once we have tested that they are sufficent for building sweethome3d
java3d 1.5.2/1.6
jip 1.1
loader3DS 1.2 depends on java3d
sunflow 0.07.3h (modified)

Bundled packages which may be problematic to put in Fedora

Name Upstream Version in SweetHome3D Status
AppleJavaExtensions 1.2 non-free license, no source code, should be easy to patch out (stubs only)
Java Media Framework 2.1.1e possible free alternatives