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Texas Linux Fest 2012


August 3-4 at the Norris Conference Center in San Antonio, TX.

Event Description

Texas Linux Fest is the first state-wide, community-run conference for Linux and open source software users and enthusiasts from around the Lone Star State. Much like SCALE in Los Angeles, Ohio Linux Fest in Columbus, and Linux Fest Northwest -- and an ever-growing list of successful regional shows -- Texas Linux Fest is a weekend event geared towards individual users, rather than an expensive multi-workday expo that might cater primarily to sponsored attendees. Whether you use free software and Linux at home, in your place of business, in your school or non-profit, or you are simply curious, Texas Linux Fest offers something for you.

Event Owners

Fedora Representatives


The following Fedora contributors are presenting at TXLF

  • inode0 - Demoggification
  • Thomas Cameron? - Building software-based NAS using Gluster (Red Hat Storage Software Appliance)

Event Schedule

Booth 43 in the Red Oak Ballroom -- 8' deep x 10' wide. Includes a single 500W power outlet, 1 table and two chairs.

Setup Hours: 2-6pm Friday and 8-10am Saturday Registration: 8-9am Friday and Saturday Expo Hours: 10am-6pm Saturday

A full conference session schedule is available at:

If you are shipping materials to the venue, please address all packages follows. The NCC shipping and receiving department will hold materials until your arrival.

Norris Conference Centers – San Antonio 4522 Fredericksburg Road, Suite A100 San Antonio, TX 78201 Attn: Booth #43 / Fedora

This year Texas Linux Fest has added QR codes to attendee badges, so we can collect information using any Android-based smartphone or tablet that includes a camera. To do so, download the TXLF application from the Android market or at: After the event you will be able to email a CSV of leads to yourself for post-event follow up with attendees.

Booth staff registration To register as booth staff for the Texas Linux Fest, please email Ruth your name, email address, and zip code.

Event Budget

Item Details Budget Actual
Sponsorship Community Exhibitor $500
inode0 Air+Hotel $407.50 + $113.60
award3535 Fuel+Hotel $350.00 + $56.80
Requested Budget Total $1427.90
Approved Budget Total $0

Travel Subsidy Requests

  • inode0 - Will be giving one presentation and will be promoting Fedora the rest of the time. Air Fare is $407.50 and 2 nights hotel is $113.60.
  • award3535 - Will be setting up and working the booth on Saturday Aug 4th. Fuel costs of $350 and $56.80 for 1 night.

Event Report

Event Report
Please use this section to document and report about the event. Nice things to see in this section are blog posts about the event, pictures from the event, and anything else that might be valuable to showing the success of our participation in the event. If there were any "lessons learned" or problems that others might benefit from seeing please do include those here too. Some general information about report expectations can be found on the Event Reports page.