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The following metadata was found in MoinMoin that could not be converted to a useful value in MediaWiki:

  •  %: define buildid .local

2/6/2011 RAF - Recommend in the "build the kernel" option: since you told us to rename .local to .mycustomkernel (or what have you), just tell us to go build the firmware right away. As it is now, you have to get down to the "install the kernel" section before I realized that I had to rebuild the firmware.

2/6/2011 RAF - In "install the new kernel," suggest putting the paragraph, "If you changed the name of your kernel as requested,..." in order first, above the one-liner that just installs the kernel. For the one-liner, say "If you just rebuilt the kernel only, do this..."

2/6/2011 RAF - The full kernel build process took 1hr 45min on a OptiPlex 755 w/reasonably fast SATA drive and dual core processor.

10-apr-2011 aakolov - should the pure vanilla kernel be built the same way or there is a special approach for that ?