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The following metadata was found in MoinMoin that could not be converted to a useful value in MediaWiki:

  • : hack to omit unused-direct-shlib-dependencies
  • acl: Known:read,write All:read

I really miss "official" info which is easy to link to for things I run into too often:

  • debuginfo-without-sources

invalid-soname draft


The handling of this error depends on's load paths (the "linker paths") and whether it refers to a private or public library.

The linker paths is %{_libdir} + any path listed in /etc/ or in a file in /etc/

Public libraries are libs expected to be used by other packages, Other libraries e. g., plugins and functionality internal to the package are private.

We have four cases:

  • The library is public. Inform upstream about the issue and propose that they add or fixes versioning, possibly by sending a patch. Don't apply patch until it's merged upstream to avoid upgrade problems.
  • The library is stored outside the linker paths. In this case the error can be ignored.
  • The library is private and stored in a directory included in the linker paths. If possible, move the library to another directory outside the linker paths. This might require patching build scripts.
  • The library is private, stored in a directory included in the linker paths and can't be moved. Here, the library must have a name unlikely to clash with other libraries. Filtering the Provides: to make sure the private library isn't visible should be considered.

The standard way to move a private library is to create a new directory under %{_libdir} e. g., /usr/lib/myapp. Don't list it in /etc/ files! Instead, use a rpath to let the application locate the library.

Filtering has some limitations, see #no-soname

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