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  • User:Bruno: What do you mean by graphics? A graphical desktop? If so, are you looking at particular ones or is having any one of the desktops work OK? Even without a desktop it isn't that difficult to deal with problems if you can use a vt. If you mean graphics drivers, good luck trying to QA that in a reasonable amount of time.
    • User:Bruno: This was clarified in IRC. It means X + subset of video drivers. This is needed for the anaconda desktop which is required for some languages to be displayed.
  • --Dmalcolm 19:29, 10 June 2009 (UTC): proposal: I'd prioritize the packages involved in these three workloads; if these don't work, the system is in an unfixable state for a large subset of users:
    • booting the system into runlevel 3, logging in as root, and executing shell commands:
      • need a bootable kernel, bash, etc
      • if this doesn't work, the system is essentially broken, and the number of components that need to work is relatively low
    • "yum upgrade" and "rpm" from textmode in runlevel 3
      • need a working rpm, python, yum, wired networking
      • if this doesn't work, repairing the system becomes significantly harder
    • booting the system into runlevel 5 and logging in via gdm as non-root, launching firefox, performing a web search
      • builds on the various runlevel 3 components, plus needs some subset of GNOME to be functional, and need X to come up
      • not being able to do this makes repair very hard for a large subset of users (how do you look how to fix an error if your only computer is unable to perform web searches? etc)
      • I'm choosing GNOME and Firefox here because they are the defaults
  • katzj It's unclear if the scope here is just updates or rawhide + updates. The dependence on bodhi in various points makes me think the former, but a few other things make me think the other.
    • notting It's for both the pre-release rawhide and for updates. It ties into the 'multiple rawhides' proposal as well.