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Any reason to not just move About Fedora to a bookmark in the browser?

  • No objection here. I will note that "effort" is a relative term depending on who did the work. Was it honestly necessary to denigrate that work while suggesting an improvement?

I didn't mean to denigrate anything (after all, I was the one who worked out how do to this yelp-launching thing for RHEL docs in the first place...). Just pointing out that it is not very impressive for an 'about' dialog, it looks more like an afterthought.

  • I remember spending a lot of time asking questions about this at the time, which you kindly answered. I look at it now and think, "Why was that ever so hard?" but at the time it was somewhat of a mystery. I think I was being overly defensive this morning, my apologies. You're entirely correct that it's not impressive.
  • OK, effort aside, are you seriously saying that if it had a GTK+ dialog with animation, then About Fedora would be cool and should stay?
    • Regardless, content about the computer system migrated to bookmarks in "the browser" doesn't make clear sense to me. Is there some sort of use study that shows that is where people go to look for information about the system they installed?
      • Since we cannot gather local 'click through' statistics, we'll never know how such a move impacts people's ability to find that information.
      • As a Fedora Project imperative, the About Fedora content is valuable to get in front of anyone who uses Fedora; moving it to an obscure location does not help project goals.
    • Perhaps what you are looking for is a single "About ..." dialog that can group together 1+ dialogs about various things -- the desktop environment, the operating system, the computer hardware, etc.?

quaid 21:21, 14 November 2008 (UTC)