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The Pitch

Oliners (who don't know Java/Scala/OSS)

Etherpad. You know it, you love it, you miss it. Why don't you come work on it? Thats right, EtherPad is now Open Source software, and it needs some work.

October 8-10th we're hosting a Fedora Activity Day centered around EtherPad. We'll be working on packaging of the software. That covers technologies like J2EE, Scala, server-side-javascript, javascript, release engineering, and more. If any of those sound exciting, we'd like you to learn about it! We invite you to our hacking and to a few "intro sessions" throughout the weekend:

  • Friday, October 8th @8pm - Intro to OSS development for Olin Students
  • Saturday, October 9th @5pm - Q&A on how EtherPad works; technologies it uses


computercolin: Some conflicts:

  • Weekend of 15th is family weekend
  • Weekend of 22th is admissions open-house
  • Weekend of 22th also Ontario Linux Fest
    • 25th is my birthday and I intend to be... busy ;)

computercolin: If we want pre-Ontario, gotta be weekend of Oct 1st or Oct 8th