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Events and their owners

Date Event Location Owner Description Estimated Attendance Report Link
January Lit-OL Oldenburg Matthias Runge, Christoph Wickert 100
February, 2+3 FOSDEM Brussels Christoph Wickert, TBD 6000

Open questions

  • TODO: Make sure the list for 2012 is complete.
    • Have we been at Fosscomm Greece in 2012?
    • FrOSCon 2012 is not in the events list.
    • Did FSF-OSSC take place? Were we there? It's not in the list of events
    • FSCons 2012 is not in events list. Who was there?

TODO: FADs are for getting stuff done, not for PR and talks. These events should not be called FAD, but how do we call them? Ask for ideas on ambassadors and marketing list.


Event budget

We currently calculate a budget of 11.700 EUR for all events

Budget requests

Discussion of the current guidelines:

  • Ticket should state who approved what when! (link to meeting minutes)
  • "Fedora does not feed you" rule needs exception for contributors dinners etc.
  • What about cheating? You can ask 5 different people for USD 499 each and bypass the UDS 2000 limit.
  • Even peer approvals need a ticket. Person who approves an expense needs to state that in the ticket (and not the requester).
  • Complete budget vs. several tickets: Event owner will request budget for his event. Attendees who need sponsorship need to file their requests in different tickets, because they are approved/denied on an individual base. Individual tickets should block the main event ticket.
  • Premier events budget process is broken. Take the (see budget for this FAD and the one for LinuxTag as examples. While both events are very important and roughly had the same budget, approving the LinuxTag budget worked flawlessly and this FAD did not work at all.
    • TODO: FADs should no longer be premier events because the premier events process is broken.
  • Who is managing the "discretionary spending"?
  • Wiki cleanup for budget related pages: Consolidate


Swag shipping and management

  • All requests should happen in trac, which needs to be improved (halfway done, Christoph, Jiri).
    • TODO: Write documentation on how to use trac (statuses etc).
  • Updating inventory does not work. People receive stuff but don't add it.
    • TODO: mail people about left over swag and tell them to respond by mail (Jiri)
  • Use up left over swag: Sending small batches of left over swag back to does not make sense. Event owners should ask event attendees if they have swag left an can bring it to the event instead of requresting new swag.

Event box

  • We think that an event box does not make much sense for EMEA, instead:
    • Give-away goodies will be sent out from Brno by Jiri.
  • Big/expensive/important goods like banners, laptops etc. will be stored at certain key people who attend a lot of events.
  • Big booth material like banners should remain in one country and not be shipped across borders because this is where it gets expensive.
    • TODO: Produce 10 new banners (Gerold to get a quote):
    • TODO: 10 new table cloth.

Swag ideas

  • Bottle openers. Jiri and Christoph to get quotes for bottle openers. Go for the cheaper ones.
  • 1000 Buttons (Jiri)
  • New batch of metal pins, but bigger, say 14-16 mm. Not urgent, first spend the old ones (Christoph)
  • Baloons (Gerold, Jiri)
  • Sticky notes, white logo and wordmark (Christoph, Jiri)
  • More cheatcubes (Gerold, Zoltan):
    • Fedora ones should be updated for systemd
    • Distro-neutral cheatcubes for lvm, selinux, bash, vim, etc.
  • Soccer/Baseball style shirt (Christoph, Gerold)
  • Exclusive polos or dress shirt for contributors. Something classic (Santafetex, Gerold)
    • Jiri ordered Polos for devconf, they were ~ 15 EUR each.
  • A blue shirt because we can't stand black and whit any longer (Jens, Jiri).
  • Bicycle cloth, even if it is just a small batch and we have to pay ourselves (Robert)
  • Soft shell (Christoph, Gerold)
  • Towels, white with stiched logo (Jens, Gerold)
  • metal Keychain, just like the FEFE ones (Christoph)
  • Pens (Christoph, Jiri)
  • Pen set (ball pen and pencil), slightly more exclusive, probably around 5-6 EUR (Gerold)
  • all purpose flyers
  • Umbrella (Christoph)?

Ambassadors program in EMEA

How to bring new people into the project

  • Make them join (at least) one major event
  • personal development plan for the first year
  • actively recruit people from the local communities (, #fedora-de) and social networks
  • Country-wide event: All communities should strive for a country-wide event where all (active) ambassadors meet (at least) once a year.
  • official vs. unofficial communities?
    • fragmentation

Fedora ambassadors census

We need information about the state of the local communties. We'll start a census to figure out who is active, what they do and howe they are doing.


  • How many ambassadors are there in your country?
  • How many of them are active?
  • How many events did Fedora attend in the last 12 months?
  • How much money do you think to need for these events?
  • What is your funding? Do you have sponsors? Did you request money? Did it work?
  • What else do you need to run these events (equipment, swag, slides)
  • How many local community sites are there?
    • Do they work together or are there problems?

Making the census happen

Reach out to two ambassadors per country by mail.

  • Austria: Matthias Summer, Oliver Falk
  • Belgium: *Bert Desmet, Gratien Dhaese, Vincent van der Kussen
  • Czech republic: Jiri Eischmann, Jaroslav Reznik
  • France: Haïkel Guémar, Kévin Raymond
  • Germany: Gerold Kassube, Christoph Wickert
  • Greece: Christos Bacharakis, Nikos Roussos
  • Hungary: Zoltán Hoppár, Gergely Rákosi
  • Israel: Elad Alfassa,
  • Italy: Robert Mayr, Gianluca Sforna
  • Romania: Iosif Bancioiu
  • Russia: Misha Shnurapet, Inna Kabanova
  • Spain: Jukka Palander, Alvaro Castillo
  • Sweden: Lars Delhage, Göran Uddeborg
  • Switzland: Fabian Affolter,
  • Turkey: Onuralp SEZER
  • UK: Keiran Smith, Paul Mellors
  • Cosovo: Ardian Haxha, Gent Thaçi

Country list

  • TODO: Tell Pierros he does not live in Germany
  • TODO: Make Hand de Goede an ambassador
  • TODO: Henrikas Jurkauskas has no full name in FAS
  • TODO: Tell Ganesai is not in Switzerland but in India
  • TODO: Clean up the "other" and "unknown" categories in the country list


  • TODO: Standard presentations:
    • Introduction to the Fedora Project
    • Introduction to Fedora 18 (Fedora X talking points)
    • available in the wiki, localized for different languages
  • TODO: Ambassadors Help (Jiri) or Fedora Ambassadors Handbook
  • TODO: What happened to the discounts for RH training?


  • [[1]] still mentions the NPO and needs update: See NA page for example.
  • OSAS page needs love.


  • Buy 100 Raspberry Pies plus blue cases with Fedora logo. Have a raffle and give away 10 on each major event.
  • Demo laptops for EMEA. AFAIK NA got some used Thinkpads from RH. Ask inode0 about it.