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  • Bruno: Is "asterisk" really a requirement. Do we want to at least consider callweaver? (Neither seems to be getting a lot of attention right now in Fedora.)
    • I'd be curious to know what problems exist in asterisk's maintainership, but I see no reason to consider swapping out an existing, working technology that we're using daily for something else. I should point out this FAD is not for setting up Asterisk -- that's already done. We use it every day in Fedora already. --stickster 17:12, 14 July 2009 (UTC)
      • Bruno: F11 got asterisk-1.6.1-0.23.rc1.fc11 on March 11. asterisk- appears to have been available since April 28th. jcollie seems to have been responsible for most of the latter asterisk and callweaver builds, but nothing has happened for about 3 months. Getting dahdi support in callweaver is relatively important and that hasn't happened. I think the callweaver guys already have it in their code. I think there could be some incompatibilities with dahdi and the latest installed asterisk. It needed some changes for 2.6.29 (and 2.6.30) and the people doing builds for atrpms stopped doing builds and it never made it into rpmfusion. I tried some custom dahdi builds, but my phones stop working within a half hour now and I need to restart asterisk. And don't get me started on Digium, the MySQL of telephony world (unfortunately there is no Postgres equivalent). I wish I could spend the time to get upstreamed drivers for their stuff into the kernel. Unfortunately I am not familiar enough with Asterisk or Callweaver right now to take over for those packages (though I just made packager), but if in playing with it on my systems I learn enough and help is still needed I might step in.
  • Bruno: Even though this meeting isn't really covering usage policies, I'd like to note that there is an undocumented restriction that you need to authenticate to the asterisk server in order to make sip calls TO developers. This effectively means only developers can call developers (via sip). This may be intended (to prevent voip spam), but if so, should be documented.
    • This is a good point, and I think we can take care of that separately, maybe by simply noting it on the Talk web site itself. Talk is meant to be a service by and for Fedora contributors, since there are plenty of other ways for people without accounts to contact developers. --stickster 17:12, 14 July 2009 (UTC)
  • Bruno: I am going to try to participate remotely. Unless something comes up, I'll have Friday the 23rd off and should be available Saturday during much of the day. I have asterisk running with a simple setup at home and should be able to use it to try stuff out.
  • Oh hey, you're about 1.5 hours from where I'm staying in MD. If I'm not traveling or in sore need of travel recovery that weekend, I'll swing by and see how I can help out (won't know whether/when I'll be coming until the actual day of the event, though). Potential things I could do: QA-that-doesn't-involve-hearing, docs, IRL-to-IRC interface, hacking-that-doesn't-involve-hearing (can hack python and have a very dim/outdated familiarity with turbogears). Mel Chua 06:19, 30 September 2009 (UTC)