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Things we should have in the doc

(note that this list may be overly exhaustive and we will probably pare it down. Mel writes too much.)

  • planning schedule/timeline
    • for local folks
    • for non-local folks
      • marketing
        • reaching out to locals, publicizing in various existing Fedora channels
      • design
        • shirts, badges, signs, ads
      • content (<--?) - pre-pitching, user track, specific invitations (can we lean on Ambassadors for this? FPL should be involved)
      • web (database app, surveys, range voting)
    • for budget interfaces?
  • hotel/lodging tasks: whether to (not) set up hotel booking in a block, how to advertise, how to set up a wiki space for room pairings/roommates
  • registration: how to set it up, how to open it, how to set a cap
  • food: what you'll need to get, approximately how much it might cost, how to order it
  • networking and power: at the hotel, and at the venue: backup plans for the inevitable NETWORK HOSEDNESS (short of bringing in temporary network, how do you accommodate?)
  • signage: where to get designs, how to customize them, where to store your customized versions, what kinds you might want to print and post where
  • badges
  • tshirts: where to get designs, how to customize them, where to store your customized versions, how to find and negotiate with a vendor, how to set up shirt registration, what types of shirts to get, figuring out delivery, figuring out distribution
  • budget: how to interface with Attendee sponsorship, how to track it, what to save, what to report, suggestions for setting deadlines.
  • fudcon live: link to FIXME link --fudcon live setup doc
  • user tracks
  • marketing online
  • marketing to locals
  • design needs
    • posters, sign, badges, shirts
  • FUDpub