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A few thoughts:

 * The Codec installer dialog:
   * looks a bit broken: why the "Windows Media Video 9 decoder" listed twice?
   * The entire explanatory text can be simplified to: "You need the 'Windows Media Video 9 decoder' plugin to play this content."
 * The unknown file dialog:
   * the red sign which suggests an error. I think this is inconsistent with the rest of the dialogs which show a less threatening icon
   * I think we can use the PackageKit icon instead, no?
   * the full path of the file is irrelevant in this content, I think we should display the name+ext only  
 * The font installer dialog:
   * Missing period at then of explanation
   * The name of the font should be mentioned: "The 'Arial Black' font is required to view this file correctly."
 * Sometimes we use "No/Yes" for buttons, sometimes "Cancel/Search". Since you're asking the question, I think "No/Yes" is more appropriate.

As a bonus would be nice if we could automagically search and display the options right there instead of asking the user to search.

All of these are good points. Richard, I think we should

  • Filter the list of requires for dupes
  • Use a neutral icon in the nautilus dialog (either the nautilus icon or as suggested, the packagekit icon
  • Make the nautilus dialog more consistent with the rest, by putting the "Do you want to search " question in a separate paragraph, and use Search/Cancel instead of Yes/No
  • Mention the font name (assuming we have a suitable 'display name' for the required font)

--mclasen 19:26, 13 February 2009 (UTC)

Btw, we don't search by default because it is potentially an expensive operation and downloads stuff off the net.