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For real integration, this shouldn't require manual fstab editing -- notting

jsafrane: There is no fstab editing, "only" /etc/cgconfig.conf and /etc/cgrules.conf. The /etc/init.d/cgconfig service reads these files and mount whatever is necessary.

The way this is started via an init script is all wrong, if it's needed for putting daemons into groups, given the currently proposed initscript patches. You'd have to dynamically discover at runtime that you want to set a control group for a service, and then adjust start priorities on the fly. -- notting

jsafrane: we didn't find any better way at the moment. Upstream is thinking about marking executables with a flag, determining in which group it should be started. But how the flag(s) should look like and where it will be stored (fs attribute? config file?) is being discussed. This is long time run, init stripts just for the meantime. But I know, temporary solutions last the longest - the proposed init script hack is not *that* dirty.