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  • What does DNF stand for ?

--mclasen 01:22, 16 June 2012 (UTC)

It really has no relevant meaning, originally meant as a project name only. The team voted for it from a few candidates (alternatives were "nom", "alda", "mmt", "yummy", "yum4" and my personal favorite "rpe"). If DNF is not acceptable for a good reason there is still time to rename it.

  • Please don't rename yum if you are working with yum developers and modifying it to be better, faster or whatever. readopting to some non-acryonym like DNF after years of muscle memory is going to very disruptive. Users don't care about internal changes and shouldn't have to. Just continue calling it yum and save us all the trouble.


One thing we know is it can not be called "yum", because then the python package would clash with the current yum and the two need to coexist. You can bind a shell alias for now and if the current yum becomes obsoleted I will provide /usr/bin/yum directed to dnf.