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Feature Wrangler Review

  • Please update owner information
    • John, why do you think feature ownership should be limited to individuals ?
    • I'm fine with having the desktop team being the owners, but we need some kind of e-mail addy, so we can contact feature owners on FESCo meeting invites, summaries, etc. - bpepple
      • If FESCo doesn't know how to contact the desktop team, we have a problem...

Pro Arguments for Empathy

  • Voice chat with GoogleTalk (though this will probably need us to look at our firewall rules for this to work out of the box) - bpepple
  • Better GNOME integration the Pidgin - bpepple
  • Account migration support from Pidgin has been added to Empathy. Not really a big issue since this feature is for new installs, but still worth pointing out. - bpepple
  • Support for Tubes (for AbiWord collaration, etc) - bepple
  • Geo Location. Geo location support was just merged in tp-gabble today, and should hopefully make it into Empathy in time for the F12 release. More info: - bpepple

Con Arguments for Empathy

  • File transfer support currently is only implemented for Link-local XMPP (telepathy-salut) - bpepple
    • Works fine for non local XMPP (telepathy-gabble) too in Fedora 11 - Mathieu Bridon 10:53, 3 June 2009 (UTC)
  • Missing plugin system, so many of the add-on features available to Pidgin (like encryption, etc) are not available to Empathy - bpepple
  • Account dialog still has some issues (like, which I'm not sure will be completed before F11 - bpepple
  • IRC support (telepathy-idle) sorta sucks in Empathy. for example, chat windows don't show what irc-room it's for. - bpepple
    • I just tried again, and found that it does show the channel information nowadays. This has been fixed. - mclasen
  • Telepathy-haze multi-protocol support has been a bit spotty. We seem to get a fair amount of bug reports about the various protocols (yahoo, etc) not working for folks. - bpepple
  • Empathy is useless behind a proxy. Most corporate and university users can't use empathy at all. Pidgin works fine behind proxy.

Misc wish list items

  • Support for logging in with GSSAPI/Kerberos with XMPP. Pidgin currently supports this, but I'm not 100% sure this should be considered a block for making Empathy the default IM. Bug #472655 - bpepple