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  • MatthiasClasen: I stand by the comments that I made in the review request: it is simply not going to happen that we will ship a 'variation of GTK+' or 'patch every gnome application'. If you want to make any progress on this, it has to happen upstream in Gnome. For that, I refer to Owens comments from the upstream bug ( ):
  • this is an unlikely change
  • larger screens make this less attractive
  • needs a coherent plan with project-wide buy-in
  • it would be more interesting if the OS X platform integration was tackled first
  • YuFeng: You are right. Besides I am not trying to show irrespect to your comments about the bug entry. Anyway this is a proposal and nothing more. Besides most discussion on that link is toward AqD's mac-menu hack instead of Global Menu Project. As for pushing it into GNOME, you know, I am not a member of GNOME devel, and it is always unlikely for foreigners' work to be merged into mainstream, if the work touches too much.
  • This is an unlikely change so far by NOW. But nothing is stagnant.
  • A Document Centric GNOME is always attractive. No matter what size of screen you have.
  • What do you mean by a coherent plan with project-wide buy-in?
  • Why do you try to related this to OSX at all? It is a GNOME thing, a GTK Widget on GNU/Linux, and it even don't port to platforms other than X11 yet. Also it is intended to improve GNOME and Fedora instead of to improve OSX.
  • JakubRusinek: I've tested RPM provided in there and they do not work and keep gnome-panel freezing at startup. Build newer or do something. Providing things which can only break everything is useful...
  • JakubRusinek: Ok, I've got applet running, but it doesn't display the menu. Only app's name...
  • YuFeng: I believe the project 'Issues' page ( ) is a better place to talk about usage issues.