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A few comments:

  • The kernel modules will not be include so the page should remove references to kernel tracing. If users don't have it working out of the box have to go to additional steps to enable that functionality it clearly isn't part of the Fedora feature.
  • In the 'benefit' section, are you suggesting official Fedora packages be built with UST support?
  • How does this compare with systemtap+uprobes that will be included in the kernel for F18? As far as I know, uprobes allows developers/users to do userspace tracing without rebuilding applications, whereas LTTng seems to require a rebuild for UST tracepoints. --jwboyer
    • You're right, Josh, there is overlap, but compiled-in UST is much faster to run tracing jobs than pre-v2.0 systemtap. Also, anything rebuilt with UST markers will also be probe-able with systemtap due to a helpful <sys/sdt.h> indirection.

in-distro users?

Is anything in the distro compiled with ust tracepoints, so the various viewers can be used out-of-the-box?