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Is it yum install or yum groupinstall? -- I think its corrected now

Are there any trademark issues regarding the term Meego? -- MeeGo is a trademark of Linux Foundation and it's been made clear that there's a compliance process involved to decide if one can use it and how. The criteria is not officially out yet. From the information available so far this mainly covers ABI/API compliance and other project related contexts. Once things start to get moving we'll need to communicate with MeeGo project about this process if it's not already public by then. Provided that many vendors are known to be working on customized editions of MeeGo including (but not limited to) Novell, Mandriva and Linpus; this should be out pretty soonish. LF is expecting to have the compliance process specs done by 25th June[1]. --gaveen 21:24, 21 June 2010 (UTC)