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= New mkdumprd for kdump <!-- The name of your feature --> =
= New mkdumprd for kdump <!-- The name of your feature --> =
== Summary ==
This is a replacement for mkdumprd of kexec-tools, to switch to dracut to generate the initrd for kdump kernel.
== Owner ==
* Name: [[User:wangcong| Cong Wang]]
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* Email: <amwang at redhat dot com>
== Current status ==
* Targeted release: [[Releases/16 | Fedora 16 ]]
* Last updated: 2011-07-11
* Percentage of completion: 10%
* Dump to local filesystem
* Read /etc/kdump.conf to generate initrd
* Dump to remote host via ssh
* Dump to remote host via nfs
* Dump to raw block device
* Implement full functionality of /etc/kdump.conf
* Dump to multiple targets
== Detailed Description ==
Currently in kexec-tools we use our own /sbin/mkdumprd to generate an initrd for kdump kernel. However, due to the natural complexity of making a new initrd, we have lots of burdens to maintain the mkdumprd code, we decide to switch to using dracut to generate kdump initrd. And hopefully, we can provide a distro-independent mkdumprd to upstream, as dracut itself is cross-distribution.
== Benefit to Fedora ==
The main source of kexec-tools bugs is in mkdumprd, with this change, hopefully we will reduce the number of bugs of kexec-tools.
== Scope ==
All functionality of /sbin/mkdumprd has to be implemented and tested in this new mkdumprd.
== How To Test ==
Enable some of the following config lines in /etc/kdump.conf
* Dump to local file system
ext3 LABEL=/boot
ext3 /dev/sda1
ext4 UUID=03138356-5e61-4ab3-b58e-27507ac41937
* Dump to remote machines
* Dump to raw block device
raw /dev/sda5
* Other configs
core_collector makedumpfile -c --message-level 1
core_collector cp
kdump_post /var/crash/scripts/
extra_bins /bin/cp
disk_timeout 30
extra_modules gfs2
options modulename options
default shell/reboot/shutdown
Trigger a crash and see if the vmcore is dumped to the right place.
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3. What are the expected results of those actions?
== User Experience ==
Users should not notice the replacement, because we plan to provide full backward compatibility.
== Dependencies ==
== Contingency Plan ==
Fallback to old /sbin/mkdumprd.
== Documentation ==
* Not applicable, because we don't have any documentations for this replacement.
== Release Notes ==
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* /sbin/mkdumprd has been replaced by new code, which uses dracut to generate the initrd for kdump kernel.
== Comments and Discussion ==
== Comments and Discussion ==
* Not applicable, because the main discussion is in a Red Hat internal mailing list.
* Comments and discussion are welcome!
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New mkdumprd for kdump

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