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For whatever it's worth as a non-developer, I really like this. I think it's good to get some btrfs stuff implemented now so that Fedora is ready to fully utilize it whenever it's marked stable.
You mentioned that it would rollback user's home directories if they were btrfs as well. I have two questions about that. One, would it be possible/practical to default to a seperate /home volume for btrfs installations and, two, if it's on a seperate partition, but is also btrfs, would it still roll-back? IMO, it should be implemented so that it doesn't, but your feature proposal makes it sound like it would. - eqisow

Thanks for the comment. I was trying to keep things simple by having a single choice of snapshot name that would apply across all btrfs filesystems -- it would be easier not to have to present a matrix of each filesystem and the snapshot that should be active on it -- but I suspect you're right that the matrix is the right way to go.

Not sure about defaulting to a separate /home; I think that if someone chooses btrfs they're already way into specifying the disk setup completely manually. Worth thinking about, though.

Cjb 02:33, 17 November 2009 (UTC)