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Removal of EnvironmentalFile reference in units which uses /etc/sysconfig/foo file,

If I understand it correctly, this is an incompatible change. Why is this desirable? In particular, why would our users want this?

During the conversion to unit files, some sysconfig files were supposedly removed - well, fair enough, it was along with a larger incompatible change. But what reason is there to do another incompatible change now? There's zero benefit to Fedora users from it. ("Debalkanization" is not a benefit for Fedora users - users coming from different Linux distributions can just ignore the sysconfig file.)

Removing /etc/sysconfig might make sense if and only if

  • upstream started shipping an unit file
  • upstream started installing the unit file by default (not only shipped it in a contrib or documentation directory)
  • that file didn't support /etc/sysconfig

But even in that case, I can't see a good reason to break user's setups by default - it would be a case-by-case judgment.

If upstream does not ship such an unit file, making such an incompatible change in a Fedora-only unit file is absolutely unacceptable to me.

--Mitr 15:28, 15 June 2012 (UTC)