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Draft "About" text

by Max Spevack, Mel Chua, and Matthew Daniels at FUDCon Toronto 2009

What is Fedora Insight?

Fedora Insight is a way for us to show you why we're excited about Fedora.

Us: The community of Fedora contributors. Why do we spend so much free time working on this? Why do we care so deeply about it? What is this thing we care about? What feeds our fire? What are we doing right now, anyway? Fedora touches people's lives in a way that's more than "that's the OS that I run." How does it do that? That's what we want to show you here.

You: The world, including those who don't currently contribute to Fedora and perhaps will never want to; though of course we always hope you will! Technology enthusiasts, journalists, family and friends... you are anyone who wants to take at any given moment get a glimpse into the maelstrom of energy and AWESOME that is Fedora.

Show: Not tell. We can talk until we're blue in the face about Fedora's awesome community, its cutting-edge features, and its commitment to innovation and freedom. But we also need to SHOW people what's going on. show why we're excited: Includes the things we're proud of and the things we're celebrating, but also the things that we want to fix, the mistakes we're learning from, and the stuff we're trying to change.