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Note that yum list will list installed and not installed packages:

[jjmcd@Conor ~]$ yum list apr*
Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
Installed Packages
apr.i386                              1.3.3-1.fc10                     installed
apr-util.i386                         1.3.4-1.fc10                     installed
Available Packages
apr-api-docs.noarch                   1.3.3-1.fc10                     fedora   
apr-devel.i386                        1.3.3-1.fc10                     fedora   
apr-util-devel.i386                   1.3.4-1.fc10                     fedora   
apr-util-freetds.i386                 1.3.4-1.fc10                     fedora   
apr-util-ldap.i386                    1.3.4-1.fc10                     fedora   
apr-util-mysql.i386                   1.3.4-1.fc10                     fedora   
apr-util-odbc.i386                    1.3.4-1.fc10                     fedora   
apr-util-pgsql.i386                   1.3.4-1.fc10                     fedora   
apr-util-sqlite.i386                  1.3.4-1.fc10                     fedora   
apricots.i386                         0.2.6-2.fc10                     fedora   
aprsd.i386                            2.2.5-15.5.fc10                  fedora   

and give you a chance to limit the list.



Thanks for that will update next time i sync my open office doc with the wiki