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Documentation by Example

Forgive my potential ignorance here - but perhapas the documentation needs to be approaced from the point of view of guiding the first time user: Imagine, if you will - I have just installed my first copy of Fedora. I install a network service. I find it doesn't work. I find it has a firewall. I find it has firewalld. I come here to see how to allow my service. I spend 30 minutes reading and am no closer to an answer. I even sign up to come post here. Most experienced sysadmins would have uninstalled and chucked away firewalld by now. I, have, however, not.

My point is this: It is paramount to have documentation by example. Long tedious explanations of how things work and why is meaningless. Most people just need a list of examples, find the right example - and use it. Or have the whole process automated in the first place.

If I could find the answer, I would post it here. But I haven't. Perhaps theres a forum somewhere where I can go become part of a community and get this to work. But I don't have the time or patience for that right now - a pity, yes.

I can't find a way to configure this firewall. In short, I want to add Synergys support: iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 24800 -j ACCEPT

Here are my attempts:

 706  yum install system-config-firewall
 707  system-config-firewall
 708  yum install firewall-config
 710  yum remove system-config-firewall
 711  firewall-cmd 
 712  firewall-cmd STATUS
 713  firewall-cmd --state
 714  firewall-cmd --port=24800/tcp --service=synergys
 715  firewall-cmd --passthrough --port=24800/tcp --service=synergys
 717  firewall-cmd --state
 718  firewall-cmd --query
 719  firewall-cmd --disable
 720  firewall-cmd --panic
 721  man firewall-cmd 
 722  history | grep firew

No help whatsoever. So I just run the iptables command - but how long will it work? Do it put it in rc.d? ...

What have I learnt: Yes, s-c-firewall is incompatible with firewalld. firewall-config doesnt exist. Can't find it. --service commandline option isn't a comment field.

[root@fc17 ~]# yum install firewalld-config Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit No package firewalld-config available. Error: Nothing to do [root@fc17 ~]# yum install firewall-config Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit No package firewall-config available. Error: Nothing to do [root@fc17 ~]#