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Essex to Folsom upgrade notes

Setting upgrade expectations right: off-line upgrade with manual intervention!

Here are upgrade notes for upgrading simplest possible 2012.1.3 (Essex) setup (all-in-one minimal Nova+Glance+Keystone setup) to Folsom (now available in epel6)

If you want to stay on Essex use openstack-essex repo

  • stop services
service openstack-keystone stop
service openstack-glance-api stop
service openstack-glance-registry stop
service openstack-nova-compute stop
service openstack-nova-network stop
service openstack-nova-scheduler stop
service openstack-nova-api stop
  • If on a RHEL based system, manually update Django
rpm -e --nodeps Django
yum install Django14
  • update RPMs
yum update openstack\* python\*client
  • If using nova volumes, update tgtd config like:
sed -i '1iinclude /etc/nova/volumes/*' /etc/tgt/targets.conf
service tgtd restart
  • merge configs, they're customized when deployed, so you'll get .rpmnew
  • /etc/keystone/
    • copy admin_token, [sql] connection from keystone.conf.old
mv keystone.conf keystone.conf.old
mv keystone.conf.rpmnew keystone.conf
  • /etc/glance/
    • copy admin_* from glance*paste.ini [filter:authtoken] to glance*.conf [keystone_authtoken]
    • verify sql_connection in both glance-registry.conf and glance-api.conf
  glance-api.conf.rpmnew       glance-registry.conf.rpmnew
  glance-api-paste.ini.rpmnew  glance-registry-paste.ini.rpmnew
mv glance-api.conf glance-api.conf.old
mv glance-api-paste.ini glance-api-paste.ini.old
mv glance-api.conf.rpmnew glance-api.conf
mv glance-api-paste.ini.rpmnew glance-api-paste.ini
mv glance-registry.conf glance-registry.conf.old
mv glance-registry-paste.ini glance-registry-paste.ini.old
mv glance-registry.conf.rpmnew glance-registry.conf
mv glance-registry-paste.ini.rpmnew glance-registry-paste.ini
  • /etc/nova/
    • copy admin_* from api-paste.ini [filter:authtoken] to nova.conf [keystone_authtoken]
    • verify sql_connection in nova.conf
  api-paste.ini.rpmnew  nova.conf.rpmnew
mv api-paste.ini api-paste.ini.old
mv api-paste.ini.rpmnew api-paste.ini
mv nova.conf nova.conf.old
mv nova.conf.rpmnew nova.conf
  • verify other configs you might have customized
e.g. /etc/openstack-dashboard/local_settings
  • update databases
keystone-manage db_sync
glance-manage db_sync
nova-manage db sync
  • start services
service openstack-keystone start
  • test: keystone user-list
service openstack-glance-api start
service openstack-glance-registry start
  • test: glance index
service openstack-nova-api start
service openstack-nova-scheduler start
service openstack-nova-compute start
service openstack-nova-network start
  • test: nova list
service httpd restart