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  • markmc Would be useful, but if you were optimistic you could think that the other ideas might lead to a rawhide which is mostly non-broken. The 'someone from QA should file a ticket with rel-eng to create a "known-good" symlink' part worries me a little ... what's the chances of that getting done dailyish?
    • wwoods "if you were optimistic you could think that the other ideas might lead to a rawhide which is mostly non-broken": Sure, if we were doing everything else right this wouldn't be necessary. But relying on that assumption is just a way to avoid solving the problem. And we've had the problem for the past 5 years. Nothing makes me think it's magically going to go away now.
    • wwoods "what's the chances of that getting done dailyish?": We won't know until we try. Even if it's only happening every three days, or weekly - it's still better than what we have now.
  • toshio Who is writing the web application? If hosting in Fedora Infrastructure, we'd love to have it be python/WSGI-based.
    • toshio If a prebuilt solution, can it integrate with FAS?
      • jlaska the autotest webui has it's own authentication scheme presently, but I don't see why this couldn't be extended in the future (unless it already has support) for 3rd party authentication.
    • toshio If we wanted single sign on with other Fedora web apps (and the auth provider is compatible), we'd need to be under a common domain. For instance, We could redirect to a set of pages that don't require authentication in the web app.
      • jlaska - I believe the test host/client(s) will largely be behind the scenes from users for the time being. In the short-term, one of the outputs from this daily test run will be a generated .html report which we'd like to upload somewhere or have redirect to this static content. Much of the early work will involve writing the tests and ironing out interaction with the test framework. I do you like your suggested URL's and redirects, I'm not sure how to best integrate them at this point ... we'll need to catch up with you when the time is right.
    • toshio Is it all automated testing?
      • User:jkeating For now, yes. This allows a more simple web UI and allows us to get up and functional earlier than later. In the future I think we want more user driven feedback, but not necessary for first deployment.
        • wwoods Technically, no - there are a couple of test cases (like QA:X basic input handling test case) that can't be easily automated. So we will need some simple way of accepting manual test results. But we are not planning to develop a general-purpose test case management / test reporting tool (like Testopia). Not yet, anyway.