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The following metadata was found in MoinMoin that could not be converted to a useful value in MediaWiki:

  •  : This must be changed before deployment

Issues that I found with this documentation:

  •  : No mention of having to create/posess /mnt/koji/{packages, work, repos, scratch}
  •  : I had to set the password for the builder user in the conf file, and in the database via an sql query
  •  : I had to set the user and password for kojira in the conf file, and set the password for that user with sql

In the cert script, this:

 cat ssl.cnf | sed 's/insert_hostname/'${user}'/'> ssl2.cnf

doesn't do anything, so I'm not sure what it is trying to do.

The postgres section discusses setting up a koji unix system user and running the database as that user instead. Is this necessary?