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Yeah, since this is just a licensing matter, we can provide this information, and it's about time we do so. :-) PatrickBarnes

Might recommend a free alternative such as swfdec. Why isn't it packaged for extras? -User:caillon

Firefox plugin finder

I just excised Too Much Information on the ForbiddenItems page, that included how to work around a Firefox bug with the plugin installer. We have a flat rule about documenting closed source software workarounds ("DON'T DO IT"). But that bit of text included a link to somewhere that was helpful. Where do we want our line here?

Following is content removed from ForbiddenItems that is presented here for discussion purposes only:

NOTE: Firefox's plugin service currently doesn't installs Adobe Flash Player if it is needed because of a bug in Firefox. You can follow instructions how to install it manually.

End forbidden content presented for discussion purposes

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