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I had suggested "Eufaula" as an F16 name because Lovelock and Eufaula are both names of US towns that have restaurants called the Cowpoke Cafe.

However, I have just learned that the name Eufaula originates as a Native American tribe name (see The tradition established by Apache, and continued by Cherokee and Hiawatha, of naming web server projects after Native American tribes (or, in the case of Hiawatha, prominent historical or legendary Native American leaders) is at least arguably problematic, and I have raised specific objections to the logo in use by the Cherokee project ( (objections that are even more applicable to Hiawatha). I believe it would be at least have the appearance of inconsistency and hypocrisy for me to support (or even to make it possible for others to support) the choice of "Eufala" as a name for Fedora 16, however innocent the suggestion was. Therefore, I respectfully withdraw my suggestion. Accordingly, I have removed the entry from the table of name suggestions.

- Richard Fontana