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Linux vs. GNU/Linux

Would be interesting for us the use of GNU/Linux terminology! (by rodrigop ):-)

As Paul said, it's unuseful to rehash this old debate... people commonly call our beloved operative system LINUX ... There's an ethical limit... I know.. but I think it would be better to "waste" our time to enhance Fedora and the community instead of debating the name.... FIRST features.... :-) --Carloraudino 21:26, 17 February 2009 (UTC)

Article name change

This article discusses the Fedora Project, so it seems like it should be renamed to "Fedora Project." I don't believe it's obvious that 'Overview' is referring to Fedora. Dafrito 12:57, 22 June 2010 (UTC)

Namespace collision

There already was an article called Fedora Project, I thought it was the configured Main Page for this wiki instance, but it's actually a redirect to Overview.

Where in the name are you concerned about this confusion? When people search? Or a link from somewhere? I guess the idea is, overview is a term used to refer to an article or section of a document/site that gives a broad picture of what the topic. Since this website is "" and it's the wiki for the Fedora Project, it should be clear that the Overview is about the Fedora Project. Is there another topic you think this might be confused as an overview of?

One thing we have avoided is to use the word 'Fedora' in an article title, since by it's nature every article on this wiki is about Fedora in some way. So, even if we were to rename Overview, it would properly be called The Project or something. Maybe a longer name such as Overview of the project? I might consider Overview of the Fedora Project not as a proper name but as a redirect.

Any number of article names can be created as redirects so that people find them as search terms, either on the wiki or from a search engine.

--Quaid 19:09, 22 June 2010 (UTC)