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The pyQPCR is really easy to build as an RPM. How do I help out in packaging RPMs for some bioinformatics tools and get them to the repositories? -- User:Staalmannen

First step is to create an FAS account, then join the package collection maintainers by submitting a package. If you haven't created an RPM package, you should read the short HOWTO: How to create a GNU Hello RPM package. (Note that RPM .spec files generated automatically by some means e.g. "python bdist_rpm", or by upstream are rarely acceptable as-is and will probably require some modifications to be acceptable by Fedora). I've had considerable experience getting bioinformatics packages into Fedora, especially Python-based ones, so feel free to ask for advice on the mailing lists or on IRC, or on my talk page. -- Alexlan 18:48, 30 May 2010 (UTC)