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gimp ('''AMIT''': Will be added)
gimp ('''AMIT''': Will be added)
vpython (Proposed by '''AMIT''')

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Choosing GNOME and not something else

I personally like GNOME and more so with GNOME 3. Yes, hate me if you want to!

Packages currently Shipped

I should point out here that my idea is to have a generic toolset made available. The number of tools currently available in different domains- Physics, Chemistry, Biology is just too many. Including them all in one big spin may not make a lot of users happy, simply because if I am a engineering researcher, the Biology tools are just useless to me.

I haven't actively looked into applications which may not be available in the repository and is important to a spin such as this. Needless to say, I am going to take upon the responsibility of packaging such software, when I come across one, or its pointed to me.

If you come across a package which you want shipped, please add them here.


Science wallpapers? (For example, see here)


Texlive 2009 or later (AMIT : IIRC, Texmaker pulls them in)

Kile (AMIT: Kile pulls in KDE libs, so I decided for texmaker)

Lyx (some people like it) (AMIT: Will be added)

dia (AMIT: Already in)

GGobi (AMIT: Will be added)

coqIDE etc (AMIT: Will investigate)

G3Data (AMIT: Will be added)

xfig (AMIT: Already in)

cantor (AMIT: Will be added)

scilab (AMIT: Will be added)

rkward (AMIT: Will be added)

yacas (AMIT: Will be added)

euler (AMIT: Will be added)

ksnapshot (AMIT: Again, will pull in KDE libs, need to give this a thought, whether to go with KDE or GNOME)

gimp (AMIT: Will be added)

vpython (Proposed by AMIT)