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General Feedback

Please work on the following : [1] Mentor's comments and, a non-mentor community member feedback, [2] a bit more detail about your timeline, currently it is much too broad and, does not include parts where you investigate any dependencies/blockers or, factor in testing and user-feedback

-- sankarshan

Detailed timeline

After the primary negotiation and work sharing it the detailed timeline will be developed. As now it is not clear, what each of students will do, and also each of them can meet complexities. And I also would like to hear students opinions on the detailed timeline and this discussion is in process now.

-- Elemc 18:30, 25 May 2010 (UTC)

Detailed work plan of backend

Main classes of backend:

Kronikarz.XMLHookSettings (modules — xml.sax, string, os.path) — an in-programm storage of software settings:

  • Parsing settings from XML file
  • Possibility to creat XML files

Kronikarz.ArchiveProcess (base class) and Kronikarz.ArchiveProcess(ZIP|TarGz|...) (derived classes) (modules — working with archive, strings, os.path):

  • Archiving/restoring of files from Kronikarz.XMLHookSettings — in base class
  • Support different archiving formats — in derived class

Kronikarz.FilesChangesDB (modules — sqlite3, os.path, md5, string):

  • Hashing of settings files/folders to watch after changes
  • Data stored in DB:
    • name of package
    • files/folders
    • hash
    • last time check
    • archive name

Here is only things that discussion of which has taken part with mentor.]

-- m0nhawk 26-05-2010 19:18:44 UTC