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This change should be noted on the main wiki page
This change should be noted on the main wiki page
--[[User:Verdurin|Verdurin]] 15:53, 7 April 2010 (UTC)

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Updating grub shoud be done AFTER rebooting?

Mrdave said: I had probles launching grub-install /dev/sda just after the upgrade and before rebooting to the new kernel, it resulted in a unbootable system, I had to use the rescue CD and grub-install again.

This happened in F7 > F8 upgrade, in F8 > F9 I did grub-install after reboot and had no problems.

Kiilerix: Strange. I have never seen that. But I have seen that I had to do a grub-install _before_ rebooting. So I don't think there is general advice here. If others have experience in this area please let us know.

Updating from 8 => 9

Yum was not selecting any updates when doing "yum upgrade". I solved this by doing "yum --noplugins upgrade". I think one of the yum plugins was causing a problem.

issues during yum upgrade from f9 to f10


at section

3. Switch repositories

maybe it's better to first move old fedora*repo* livna* etc (all except rpmfusion, usually) to an 'older' subfolder and only then

rpm -Uvh fedora-release*

also, it may be interesting to suggest using a mirror ....

second, here are my other notes during yum upgrade:

below, whenever i've done yum remove <something> i should have tried yum update <something> first.

move all fedora* livna* dribble* fresh* /old // leave only rpmfusion (clean if necessary)

Transaction Check Error:

 file /usr/bin/rhgb-client from install of plymouth-0.6.0-0.2008.11.17.3.fc10.i386 conflicts with file from package rhgb-1:9.0.0-6.fc9.i386

yum remove rhgb

 Installing     : kernel                                                                                                                               18/45 

The default plymouth plugin (.so) doesn't exist

yum remove gnome-desktop-debuginfo // needs some old libgnome thingy

file /usr/bin/kjots from install of kdepim-6:4.1.2-5.fc10.i386 conflicts with file from package kdeutils-6:4.1.2-3.fc9.i386 yum remove kdeutils

not enough disk space on / :)

Transaction Check Error:

 file /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt from install of ca-certificates-2008-7.noarch conflicts with file from package openssl-0.9.8g-9.fc9.i686

yum update openssl :)

gui (gdm) does not start, even after full f10 update (and not even with xdriver=vesa)

to fix this, yum install plymouth-plugin\* plymouth-system-plugin\* yumdownloader kernel and rpm -Uvh kernel*i686* --force

also, don't forget to append


at the end of the kernel line in grub.conf (if your video card is not supported by kernel modesetting ...)

have fun :)

Response to Cpanceac

Cpanceac, Could you please rework your contribution so that it confirms to wiki formatting.

Some responses:

Named external repositories can not be mentioned on this wiki. And perhaps it is a good idea to disable external repos in some cases, but usually it is a bad idea and against the repo maintainers recommendation.

The fedora-release download is so small that using a mirror makes no difference. And AFAIK _is_ automatically mirrored to some degree.

The conflicts you report has not been reported by others. "yum update <something>" hints that you try to update one component at a time and thus don't get the automatic resolution you would have got with one big "yum upgrade". I find it hard to believe that you have done the upgrade exactly as recommended.

Booting with vga=xxx is not a good solution. If it was it would have been the default. This is a general discussion and not related to YumUpgradeFaq.

Kiilerix 22:44, 7 December 2008 (UTC)

Recent change to repository location

Minutes ago, the repository location (under 3. Switch Repositories) was changed (diff) from:<ReleaseNumber>/Fedora/<Arch>/os/Packages/fedora-release-*.noarch.rpm


This seems to break both rpm downloads and wget (at least for me) returing a 404 error. Does anyone else get this?

Since this could be an impediment to downloading the rpms and upgrading, I undid the change until it can be sorted out.

Older releases archived

I was just trying to upgrade an F9 system to F10 (various troubles with Preupgrade and Anaconda) and saw the README file in the location advertised on this page:

The contents of this directory have been moved to our archives available at:

If you are having troubles finding something there please stop by #fedora-admin on

This change should be noted on the main wiki page

--Verdurin 15:53, 7 April 2010 (UTC)