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This is a spin of Fedora that includes the Cinnamon Desktop Environment as the default as well as some other useful packages that don't come on the default live cd.


  • Name: [[User:crokett| David Green]
  • email:>

Detailed Description

This spin includes the Cinnamon Desktop Enviroment as the default. It also includes LibreOffice and the libre-office-base package that don't come on the default Live CD. Other pre-installed packages are Brasero, Gimp, the Geany text editor and some Nemo additions such as file-roller to better handle compressed files.

Benefit to Fedora

Cinnamon gives Fedora users another option for an out-of-the-box desktop environment other than Gnome3. It provides a Fedora-based alternative to other distributions such as Linux Mint. The Cinnamon spin also includes some of the packages that the base Live CD does not include. This gives the user a more complete desktop experience with less intial configuration and installation of additional packages required.

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A modern Cinnamon desktop environment.

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