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This is a spin of Fedora that includes the Cinnamon Desktop Environment as the default as well as some other packages to provide a more complete out-of-the-box desktop than the live CD does.


  • Name: [[User:crokett| David Green]
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Detailed Description

This spin includes the Cinnamon Desktop Enviroment as the default. It includes LibreOffice and the libre-office-base package that don't come on the default Live CD. Other pre-installed packages include Brasero, Banshee, Gimp, the Geany text editor and some Nemo additions such as the file-roller package to make Nemo a more functional file browser. Internet utilities include Filezilla and Putty.

Benefit to Fedora

Cinnamon gives Fedora users another option for an out-of-the-box desktop environment other than Gnome. It provides a Fedora-based alternative to other distributions such as Linux Mint that use Cinnamon as the default desktop. Cinnamon spin also includes some packages that the base Live CD does not include, such as LibreOffice and Gimp. This gives the user a more complete desktop experience with less initial configuration and installation of additional packages required.

Kickstart File

ISO Name / FS Label

"Fedora-20-x86_64-Cinnamon" FS-Label: "Fedora-20-x86_64-Cinnamon"


no dependencies

Scope / Testing

no known changes to existing applications

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Cinnamon  - modern and customizable desktop environment.  

Spin description

Cinnamon desktop is a more traditional desktop than Gnome Shell. It is GTK=based but retains the panel and traditional menus most Linux users are used to. Most applications that will run in Gnome Shell will look similar in Cinnamon. Cinnamon also provides graphical configuration tools where Gnome Shell does not, and has a rich set of available extensions and downloadable themes.


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