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This page describes the process followed by the Marketing team to make a Release slogan for a Fedora release. If you have suggestions on how to improve these instructions, please edit the page!


Create the Talking Points page

Using the prior talking points page as a template, create a new wiki page for the talking points of the current release, purging outdated content and updating it to reflect the working release's name and dates. The naming scheme is "F# talking points" where # is the number of the release (i.e. F12 talking points). Make sure the page is listed under,, and (where # is the number of the release). Create redirects to the "F# talking points" page from commonly mistyped pages and variants on capitalization, such as:

F# Talking Points 
F# talking Points 
Fedora# Talking Points 
Fedora # Talking Points 
Fedora# talking points