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Taskotron is a framework for automated task execution. It is in very early stages of development with the initial objective of replacing AutoQA for automating selected package checks in Fedora.

Some of its major envisioned features:

  • Support for distribution-wide checks - e.g. Can this set of packages be pushed to stable updates repository? or Is this new system compose installable?
  • Support for package-related checks - e.g. Can this new build of firefox package be safely updated? or Do the functional tests pass for this new build of openssh?
  • Simple check management - package maintainers in full control of their package-related checks, no hurdles
  • Event-based - where applicable only the simplest interaction between services is used - passing messages through a message bus - for both check triggering and result reporting. No hardcoded tie-ins to specific services.
  • Decoupled design - comprised of loosely-coupled standalone units (tools, libraries) so that important logical functions are separated and one unit can be replaced with a different unit with similar functionality
  • Trivial local execution - no need to replicate the production environment with all its servers and configurations, the check authors can easily run and develop their checks on their local machine with no unnecessary software setup hassle
  • Useful for other Linux distributions as well, not just Fedora

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There's not much documentation yet, but we are working on it. For the moment, you can read:

This documents some of the reasons for re-implementing AutoQA as Taskotron:

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